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Composite Tooth Colored Fillings

Whether your tooth chipped or a cavity formed, the tooth needs to be filled using a type of filling material. Tooth colored fillings are great due to the ability to match the shade of your tooth allowing the restoration to be unnoticeable. This is a great option for both posterior teeth, as well as anterior teeth. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to restore missing teeth. Should implants be an option for you, Dr. Young will work closely with an implant specialist to ensure proper placement contributing to both function and esthetics. Once the implant is placed Dr. Young will restore the implant with the perfect crown. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you’re not dazzled by your smile due to missing, broken, or worn down teeth, we can help re-design and reconstruct your mouth with a Full Mouth Reconstruction. We have treated many patients who are in pain, cannot chew properly and embarrassed of their smile. Dr. Young and our team will assess your teeth and design a plan to brighten your smile and overall oral health.

Crowns & Bridges

Nothing brings confidence like a bright smile! Crowns, or ‘caps’ can be designed to revitalize your smile and boost your confidence. Crowns not only look beautiful, but also protects and strengthens the integrity of your tooth structure.

You might Consider Crowns if…

  • You have broken, or fractured teeth

  • Decayed teeth

  • Fractured fillings

  • Large fillings

  • Tooth has a root canal

  • Or you’ve been thinking about a cosmetic enhancement

Full Arch Implant Prosthesis

If you a suffering from a failed, broken, or improperly placed implant, Dr. Young can restore your implant and gums.  Your implant failure will be assessed, diagnosed and treated. 

  • Peter ChuPeter Chu

    I always hid my smile because I was self conscious about my teeth. Dr. Young designed the best veneers I could have ever asked for! I can't stop smiling! She made me feel at ease in the dental chair and made me smile again. I am really proud of my smile now.

  • Ryan GarciaRyan Garcia

    Dr. Young saved my smile! I cracked my front tooth in a painful lifeguard injury over the summer and I thought my tooth was going to be an ugly snaggled mess, or worse, they would have to extract it. I went to see Dr. Young and she literally made me smile again and fixed my tooth! She is awesome and so is the entire team. Thank you, Dr. Young!

  • Dani EspinozaDani Espinoza

    My forehead was a wrinkled mess before I visited Dr. Young. Her technique was fantastic! I've had botox before and it hurt, but Dr. Young was so gentle, I barely felt a thing. My botox treatment was wonderful! Looking forward to my next appointment.

  • Bridgette RalphBridgette Ralph

    Dr. Young is great!! Everyone in the office was kind and thorough. My husband and children also enjoyed their experience at Smile Bright Designs. I highly recommend you go!

  • Dr. Young is the best! She takes care of my entire family and has great attention to detail! We love the entire staff.

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